Chi Fang Photography

Born in Chengdu, China. Grew up surrounded by bamboo groves, green rice fields and spicy food. Went to college and grad school studying Computer Science and Cognitive Sciences. Was once fascinated by the pursuit of understanding human behavior & emotions, and seriously considered a research career.

Came to US in early 90's and got a Ph.D. in Computer Science. Worked as engineer in Silicon Valley specializing in digital imaging. Quit the computer job in 2003 to pursue photography as a freelancer. Now live in the San Francisco Bay Area with wife Catherine and cat MeowMeow.

Discovered over time the passion for life in visual arts. Bought a basic Nikon SLR camera in 1998 and started the exploration. Envision a dream life of trekking the world, interacting with different cultures and people, documenting their diversities, and sampling their cuisine.

Attracted to the peacefulness & harmony in nature, human dignity & emotions in portraiture, and art & history in architecture, an interest complimented by an architect wife.

Very thankful to this world for the endless beautiful things to explore and many decent human beings to interact with.

Chi Fang